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Jordan and Scarlet

Red Woods wedding Photography Shoot. Dress by Wear Your Love

Jordan and Scarlet choose to have their wedding photography in a beautiful, natural setting. A woodland clearing. 

Where do you dream of getting engaged or married? Do you imagine a beautiful white-sand beach with just a few special loved ones around you? Or do you dream of a traditional wedding, set in a church or old country house. Or do you dream of slipping away by yourselves, like Jordan and Scarlet, to find a special place. Somewhere quiet, like walking through a forest and finding a clearing, somewhere just the two of you can share. That's where we shot these wonderful pictures with today's couple. Somewhere intimate and natural.

It's always a pleasure to work with a couple who are having a lot of fun with their wedding, engagement or pre-wedding photo shoots. Lots of brides and grooms can be a little nervous. We all want to make sure our photos, memories which last a lifetime, truly reflect who we are.

When you find that special someone, you'll have more moments of playfulness, like our couple had in the woods, than you will be able to count. 

We just loved their outfits which were creative and, along with just a few little details, cakes and flowers, really accentuated the beautiful surroundings. 

Talk to us and let us know what your ideal wedding day, engagement or pre-wedding photo-shoot location is.

A beautiful wedding in the woods by Our Wedding Story. 

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Molly and Duncan Wedding

Villa Vannucci Wedding by Our Wedding Story 

Meet Molly and Duncan. The couple met during their freshmen year at Standford when they ended up in the same class. A few days later they had shared a first kiss and become boyfriend/ girlfriend. They haven't looked back since! 

Duncan took two pieces of great inspiration for the wedding. He wanted to include Bells of Ireland and other greens around the wedding venue to accentuate the natural surroundings. Molly ended up really pleased with this. Their centre pieces also told their story. Duncan proposed to Molly on the LA beach where she is from. Little touches like this really help to share your journey with guests. 

The bridesmaids wore simple,yet elegant free-flowing light grey dresses. Their flowers also had accents of those creams and greens from the centre pieces. 

Both Molly and Duncan took a bit more of a laid back approach to their outfits. Molly chose a relaxed dress as she wanted to be the girl Duncan fell in love with when standing next to him on her wedding day. 

Father and daughter enjoying a quiet moment together. 

Molly and Duncan exchanged plain gold wedding bands with the inscription 'All my love 8/8/15' on each. 

Your wedding day can often rush by in a blur. We like to capture every moment we can and from every different angle. It helps you to see things you may have missed on the day, or see it in a new way. 

Here we caught a great shot of Molly & Duncan along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen from across the water. 

After dating for six years and living together for year and a half Duncan proposed to Molly. The ring carried a diamond passed down through Duncan's family and was work by his Great Grandma and Grandma. After all the planning and the ceremony, Molly and Duncan could finally enjoy being married with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Molly and Duncan included lots of little creative touches and nods to their life together. Tables were named after places which are special to the couple, rather than being numbered. Oxford was where the couple spent time together abroad. 

The ceremony and reception were both held outdoors, a great way to take advantage of the beautiful California weather. It also allowed us to get some fantastic shots. 

"We are best friends, we have silliness, playfulness, warmth, coziness and snuggles. We have a lot of fun together".


As the sun started to go down, there was still time to get some beautiful pictures of Molly and Duncan together. 


Villa Vannucci Wedding Photography by Our Wedding Story   



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