About Our Wedding Story

The Our Wedding Story team has been in the wedding industry for more than a decade.  Our team will work with you and your loved one through your engagement shoot and wedding in a way that captures your special story.

Having come from theater and film backgrounds, we view ourselves as artists with a passion for the digital image as a powerful form of storytelling.  Our versatility sets us apart from the rest.  We love the beauty and sophisticated simplicity of classic shots with more traditional poses, but we are thrilled to also often have the opportunity to experiment and play with more cutting edge types of framing, lighting, and playful storytelling.

We aren't the sort of photographers that come to an event to quietly shoot pictures and then leave.  We want to engage you and your guests and animate you in a way that helps us capture your big day in a most special way.  Our efforts at connection often pay off.  We find that many of our clients become repeat customers who later hire us for other family events and special occasions.

We truly thank you for considering us as photographers for your engagement shoot or wedding.