Jordan and Scarlet

Red Woods wedding Photography Shoot. Dress by Wear Your Love

Jordan and Scarlet choose to have their wedding photography in a beautiful, natural setting. A woodland clearing. 

Where do you dream of getting engaged or married? Do you imagine a beautiful white-sand beach with just a few special loved ones around you? Or do you dream of a traditional wedding, set in a church or old country house. Or do you dream of slipping away by yourselves, like Jordan and Scarlet, to find a special place. Somewhere quiet, like walking through a forest and finding a clearing, somewhere just the two of you can share. That's where we shot these wonderful pictures with today's couple. Somewhere intimate and natural.

It's always a pleasure to work with a couple who are having a lot of fun with their wedding, engagement or pre-wedding photo shoots. Lots of brides and grooms can be a little nervous. We all want to make sure our photos, memories which last a lifetime, truly reflect who we are.

When you find that special someone, you'll have more moments of playfulness, like our couple had in the woods, than you will be able to count. 

We just loved their outfits which were creative and, along with just a few little details, cakes and flowers, really accentuated the beautiful surroundings. 

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A beautiful wedding in the woods by Our Wedding Story. 

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David and Maggie

David and Maggie, a Californian countryside wedding by Our Wedding Story

Maggie and David were married on a beautiful summer's day in California. Like brides and grooms around the world, their wedding day was the happiest day of their lives. You can see from their beaming faces! !

For both bride and groom, care for gender equality, and caring for the environment are hugely important. Maggie is a social worker and David works for Greenpeace. Caring for the natural world and people are at the heart of what they believe in and do. Their outdoor natural wedding reflects their caring nature.

Both bride and groom started their day getting ready. Dressing and preparing for their wedding day ahead. 

Equality and openness are important to both Maggie and David. So they both wore flower wrists to show their equality in marriage. 

As people started arriving, the groomsmen were getting ready and still managed to have fun, despite any pre-wedding jitters. 

The natural setting for the wedding ceremony and reception was perfect for David and Maggie. Being nestled away in the countryside gave their day a magical quality. 

Under the bough of a beautiful old tree, surrounded by nature and without shoes (for most of the day), Maggie and David came together with each other and the natural world. 

After months of preparation, surrounded by friends & family and in a wonderful setting. David and Maggie were married. 

It's then time to celebrate with family and friends as they congratulate the couple, before the manage to make a quick escape! 

After the wedding under the bough of a tree, it was time for a reception under the canopy of crystal sunlight then a sky studded with pin prick stars.

Ariel and Jon

Ariel & Jon: A Merging of Creativity and Tradition
Shot by Our Wedding Story

In many weddings, couples find themselves faced with the decision of whether to have a culturally traditional wedding or a wedding that’s reflective of their own personalities and unique relationships.  For Ariel and Jon, however, it was not a question of either or.  Their wedding was destined to be a magical affair where culture and tradition blended with the eccentric and artistic community that the couple has surrounded themselves in.  

Music has shaped the lives of both Ariel and Jon individually – and as a couple, they have found that music is at the heart of their relationship.  Ariel is a singer and songwriter who focuses her music around empowerment, healing, and the strength of community.  She uses her music to bring people together and to open hearts in spiritual sound.  Jon is a musician and songwriter as well.  His music is highly acknowledged within the Burning Man community.  In addition, he and his band also travel throughout California performing.  

Ariel and Jon are both heavily involved in the Jewish community, so having a traditional Jewish ceremony was extremely important to the couple.  During the time of the ceremony, Ariel was a rabbi in the makings. After the wedding, she continued on to Israel to continue her training as a Rabbi.  

Throughout the ceremony, you could catch glimpses of the couple’s spirituality and the Jewish tradition.  The ceremony started off with the loving and celebratory tish circles for both the bride and groom before the ceremony, where family and friends gave their blessings, laughed, and told stories.  Tradition holds that, on the day of their wedding, the bride and groom hold a certain kind of magic and spiritual strength; both shared this with their guests through special intimate moments with individual friends and family members where they gave out their blessings. The ceremony was concluded with the signing of the beautifully designed Jewish Ketubah scrolls, a special agreement between the bride and groom. 

Ariel & Jon Wedding-4266.jpg

The bride and groom put a unique twist on the traditional wedding by encouraging their assortment of friends to display all of their creativity and eccentricity- through music, performances, and fashion.  The dress code was described as “outrageous casual”, and their guests showed up dressed to impress, giving the wooded wedding an intriguing, magical feel.  

Ariel & Jon Wedding-4200.jpg

Ariel and Jon's day was filled with music, tradition, love, and laughter.  It was an incredible reflection of who they are and the powerful loving communities that they have chosen to surround themselves and dedicate their lives to. 

Ariel & Jon: A Merging of Creativity and Tradition
Shot by Our Wedding Story

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Matan and Marina Wedding

City Hall Wedding

Meet Matan and Marina. If there is one thing which unites this eclectic couple it is their love for each other... and Unicorns. Matan & Marina have such a passion for the horned horses that they even run a Facebook group dedicated to all things Unicorn for Unicorn lovers across the world. 

Matan and Marina both have an artistic side. We captured little moments like the ones above where we could see their personalities and creativity shine through. Matan is a world renowned music installations artist, Marina is a part organizer and healer. 

While the ceremony was simple, the surroundings of the city hall are a fantastic and elegant setting for a wedding. The ceremony space has fantastic light and we were able to capture wonderful shots like those below. 

When you have a beautiful space like the City Hall, it is great to be able to explore different parts of it and photography an iconic location in a new way. Matan and Mariana helped by wearing Unicorn masks and by being playful too. 

It is also interesting to us to capture moments and spaces in both colour and black and white. Both methods of photography pick up and highlight different details. 

The pictures above and below really showcase how we can use black and white to tell a story and highlight a scene in different ways. The silhouette below really captures the intimacy of those little moments people experience on their wedding day. 

City Hall Wedding Photography by Our Wedding Story 

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Brian & Mariana

September in California has always been a magical time for weddings, but Marina and Brian's wedding captured a loving, soothing  bliss that few are able to duplicate. The transitioning of seasons provided an almost enchanted atmosphere; a lingering feel of summers ecstatic flow of energy, excitement and creativity combined with early autumn's cozy gentle calm. 

The 3 day wedding took place on the shores of northern California's Lenoard Lake in Mendocino county. Brian and Marina's family and friends spent 3 days celebrating, bonding and preparing for the wedding while staying in charming lakeside cabins. Throughout the celebration, there was a strong sense of community and creativity, with everyone lending their talents in support of the bride and groom. 

The ceremony itself reflected perfectly Marina and Brian's powerful and unique connection, blending simplicity, tradition and nature with laughter, elegance and excitement. Every wedding detail pointed to a different aspect of the couples creativity, with one-of-a-kind vintage dresses, flower wreaths and dogs in bow ties. A friend played beautiful acoustic guitar music as guests arrived to the ceremony, traditional Jewish prayers were sung, and the couple wed in a lovely lakeside clearing before running of into the forest. The night ended with music, toasts and a high energy dance floor, a one of a kind wedding between a truly enchanting couple! 

Brian & Mariana Wedding-4737.jpg

Spencer and Jane

Carmel California Wedding Photography by Our Wedding Story

Spencer and Jane choose to get married at this beautiful home, owned by his parents. 

Spencer and Jane chose lots of beautiful little touches to personalize their wedding celebration. 

Preparations are underway as the guests start to arrive. 

A beautiful California day. 

Spencer's father officiated the outdoor wedding in Carmel. We enjoyed some gorgeous California sunshine. 

The magical moment as Spencer and Jane begin their new life together. 

Enjoying a quiet moment together with nature. 

Time to party at the gorgeous reception venue.