Matan and Marina Wedding

City Hall Wedding

Meet Matan and Marina. If there is one thing which unites this eclectic couple it is their love for each other... and Unicorns. Matan & Marina have such a passion for the horned horses that they even run a Facebook group dedicated to all things Unicorn for Unicorn lovers across the world. 

Matan and Marina both have an artistic side. We captured little moments like the ones above where we could see their personalities and creativity shine through. Matan is a world renowned music installations artist, Marina is a part organizer and healer. 

While the ceremony was simple, the surroundings of the city hall are a fantastic and elegant setting for a wedding. The ceremony space has fantastic light and we were able to capture wonderful shots like those below. 

When you have a beautiful space like the City Hall, it is great to be able to explore different parts of it and photography an iconic location in a new way. Matan and Mariana helped by wearing Unicorn masks and by being playful too. 

It is also interesting to us to capture moments and spaces in both colour and black and white. Both methods of photography pick up and highlight different details. 

The pictures above and below really showcase how we can use black and white to tell a story and highlight a scene in different ways. The silhouette below really captures the intimacy of those little moments people experience on their wedding day. 

City Hall Wedding Photography by Our Wedding Story 

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