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Azami and Johana

Azami and Johana by Our Wedding Story 

With Azami and Johana we took off to the countryside to take this wedding shoot. It is great to get out of the city, away from the beaches and bustle of San Francisco and stepping out into the countryside.

A wedding with two brides has twice the photogenic beauty and Azami & Johana took this up a further notch by taking a couple of dresses each with them. After all, what bride doesn't want to have the best dress she can? All the dresses today came from Wear Your Love, a fabulous local bridal store. 

For any bride, her wedding dress is one of the most important parts of her day. As a bride you might have dreamed for years about it, or never been into wedding clothes until you became engaged. Whatever your thoughts on wedding day outfits, when all eyes are on you, you'll want to look fantastic. 

The second set of dresses our brides took are a little lighter and free flowing. You can see Azani & Johana can even jump around pretty easily in them! 

The hood veil is romantic, beautiful and even a little whimsical. the detailing on it is as beautifully crafted, as all the dresses here are.   

In the next gallery of shots, we have another beautiful dress and style to share. Azani and Johana certainly know how to enjoy themselves with this many dresses! We've tried to highlight the beautiful detailing on this wedding dress by including flowers, grasses and as much of the natural world as we can in each shot. The lace paneling on the open midriff make this dress perfect for mid-summer weddings. 

It was a beautifully golden day when we shot these photographs and they fit right into the countryside setting.

What woman doesn't love shoes? These are a great alternative to traditional wedding shoes.

Wedding Dress Photography by Our Wedding Story.

Dresses by Wear Your Love

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