Matan and Marina Wedding

City Hall Wedding

Meet Matan and Marina. If there is one thing which unites this eclectic couple it is their love for each other... and Unicorns. Matan & Marina have such a passion for the horned horses that they even run a Facebook group dedicated to all things Unicorn for Unicorn lovers across the world. 

Matan and Marina both have an artistic side. We captured little moments like the ones above where we could see their personalities and creativity shine through. Matan is a world renowned music installations artist, Marina is a part organizer and healer. 

While the ceremony was simple, the surroundings of the city hall are a fantastic and elegant setting for a wedding. The ceremony space has fantastic light and we were able to capture wonderful shots like those below. 

When you have a beautiful space like the City Hall, it is great to be able to explore different parts of it and photography an iconic location in a new way. Matan and Mariana helped by wearing Unicorn masks and by being playful too. 

It is also interesting to us to capture moments and spaces in both colour and black and white. Both methods of photography pick up and highlight different details. 

The pictures above and below really showcase how we can use black and white to tell a story and highlight a scene in different ways. The silhouette below really captures the intimacy of those little moments people experience on their wedding day. 

City Hall Wedding Photography by Our Wedding Story 

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DIY Wedding Ideas

At our wedding story we are creative fols. So we love it when brides and grooms choose to bring their unique creative touches to a wedding through DIY weddings. We have worked with brides and grooms who have chosen to let their individuality shine through by creating everything from their own stationary, to decorations or wedding cakes. It's also been great to see brides and grooms express themselves by choosing DIY outfits and styling as well as brides who have chosen to fix their own makeup on the big day.

A DIY wedding isn't just a great way to involve friends and family or to introduce your own personality into a day which can sweep you up in a sea of tradition; it is also a great way to save money without compromising what will be one of the most magical days of your life! 

DIY wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations can be a huge expense. The average wedding in the US costs $26,645, with as much as $3000 being spent between decorations, favours and invitations. Making just some of this yourself could end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

The easiest DIY wedding ideas are home-made decorations. They can be as simple or as elaborate as your imagination can concoct as you can make. There's so many different ideas and guides to making DIY wedding decorations online. Browsing places such as Pintrest is a great way to start getting ideas  of what you could make and what decorations would fit with your wedding theme.

Whether you make your own bunting, collect jars and candles or get creative with centerpieces like mason jars with fairy lights inside, the possibilities are endless. Rustic weddings lend themselves to DIY touches as you can often make your own versions of decorations available to buy at a fraction of the retail price. but don't think they are limited to rustic weddings. Even the most formal wedding can benefit from a simple yet elegant centrepiece such as these floating fruit bowls. 

Adding touches such as old suitcases, photo frames in your colour palette or other objects around the room can accent and highlight your theme for very little cost or effort. A few metallic sparkles and feathers can give the impression of 1920's opulence. Decorating the venue with friends and family can be a great way to get people involved in your wedding day. 

DIY Wedding cake

Baking your own wedding cake is not for the feint of heart and you will need a degree of skill in baking and cake decoration to really do this justice. If you are going to bake your own cake, it will need to be done the day before your wedding so you’ll need to make sure you have a clear day. Allow plenty of time to both bake and decorate your cake. 

If you are using ingredients such as fresh cream, fresh icing or cake decorations like edible flowers, you will need to also give yourself time on the wedding day itself. Such decorations are usually time sensetive and need to be applied on the morning of your wedding.

The biggest recommendation with DIY wedding cakes is to do your research and practice baking a mini version of the cake before hand. This is another great way to involve a select group of friends or family by inviting them around for cake and coffee to sample your trial version. With a wedding cake costing around $750, it is another way to save cash too.

There are lots of styles and designs of wedding cake and you are only really limited by your imagination and baking experience. A popular style of DIY wedding cake is the naked wedding cake which is quick and simple to bake. It also doesn't take too much time to assemble on the day but packs a real wow factor. The great thing is these touches can fit in with themes from rustic to formal and everything in between.

DIY wedding hair and makeup

Every bride wants to look radiant on her wedding day as she’ll be the centre of attention. Whilst it can be great having a professional fixing your hair and makeup, especially if you’re nervous on the day, lots of women have a very definite idea of how they want to look on their wedding day. Fixing your own makeup and styling your hair allows you to really highlight your creativity, individuality and style.

YouTube is full of great tutorials and walk through's on different makeup looks by professional makeup artists who can help you choose the right look for your face structure, skin tone and overall look. The best bit about doing your own makeup is that you get to keep all those great products after the wedding and recreate toned down versions of the look after.

Fixing your own makeup and hair is great because no one knows your features better than you do and you could also save hundreds of dollars to put towards that dream honeymoon!

Groom, how to choose a sharp outfit for your wedding

A groom's choice of outfit should be as personal, creative and reflective of their personality and individual style as a bride's wedding dress. Whilst many grooms will pop along to a tailor’s choosing an off-the-peg suit or outfit for their wedding day, it doesn’t always show that personality that makes them who they are.

Grooms can try by visiting different tailors, clothing retailers and vintage shops to see what styles really suit them, that they feel is reflective of them and which fits in with the overall wedding theme. Different fabrics, cuts and styles will be better suited to different groom’s natural style, body shape and personality. Choose a basic suite which you can then build on and accessorize with accents and touches which fit your theme.

Once you have chosen your basic suit you can accent this with touches such as a contrasting waistcoat, tie and pocket square and cufflinks.

For some groom’s with less formal, rustic or alternative weddings, a suit might just not fit in. If your bride is dressing down and you are having a much more relaxed wedding day, think about an outfit which fits in with this theme.

DIY creative touches for your wedding leave you with lots of wonderful memories from the period leading up to your wedding as you prepare decorations or stationary. Making things yourself also means you often get to keep all those decorations after, meaning you can adapt and decorate your new life together with them.

When your evenings and weekends are full of wedding day planning, crafting things with friends, family and your future spouse is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with those you love, creating things together.

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Brian & Mariana

September in California has always been a magical time for weddings, but Marina and Brian's wedding captured a loving, soothing  bliss that few are able to duplicate. The transitioning of seasons provided an almost enchanted atmosphere; a lingering feel of summers ecstatic flow of energy, excitement and creativity combined with early autumn's cozy gentle calm. 

The 3 day wedding took place on the shores of northern California's Lenoard Lake in Mendocino county. Brian and Marina's family and friends spent 3 days celebrating, bonding and preparing for the wedding while staying in charming lakeside cabins. Throughout the celebration, there was a strong sense of community and creativity, with everyone lending their talents in support of the bride and groom. 

The ceremony itself reflected perfectly Marina and Brian's powerful and unique connection, blending simplicity, tradition and nature with laughter, elegance and excitement. Every wedding detail pointed to a different aspect of the couples creativity, with one-of-a-kind vintage dresses, flower wreaths and dogs in bow ties. A friend played beautiful acoustic guitar music as guests arrived to the ceremony, traditional Jewish prayers were sung, and the couple wed in a lovely lakeside clearing before running of into the forest. The night ended with music, toasts and a high energy dance floor, a one of a kind wedding between a truly enchanting couple! 

Brian & Mariana Wedding-4737.jpg

Spencer and Jane

Carmel California Wedding Photography by Our Wedding Story

Spencer and Jane choose to get married at this beautiful home, owned by his parents. 

Spencer and Jane chose lots of beautiful little touches to personalize their wedding celebration. 

Preparations are underway as the guests start to arrive. 

A beautiful California day. 

Spencer's father officiated the outdoor wedding in Carmel. We enjoyed some gorgeous California sunshine. 

The magical moment as Spencer and Jane begin their new life together. 

Enjoying a quiet moment together with nature. 

Time to party at the gorgeous reception venue.